Paul Darby

      Physiotherapist and Performance Coach, has worked in elite sport for 35 years. His experience in preparing sports performers is extensive.

      Following an!cid_EAAD2417-5D14-45B1-B2D1-732E028199EE early career in football Paul began his training and his passion for football saw him completing his Football Association full licence coaching award and Treatment and management of injury qualifications. He worked alongside some of the finest sports injury and coaching specialists at the National Sports Center, Lilleshall in Shropshire, and with several Football Association appointments he progressed in football. He was appointed Physiotherapist to the Wolverhampton Wanderers Football Club in 1986 and continued to develop his skills and knowledge in all areas of Rehabilitation and Sports Science. The Professional Footballers Association sponsored Paul as part of their vocational qualification development programme and Paul attended Salford University studying Physiotherapy. In the mid 1990′s Paul made the move into Professional golf and research at degree level had indicated that the golf professional required conditioning as equivalent to other world class sportsmen, and yet most golf related conditioning was not sports specific. Peter Baker, who afterwards went on to win on the European Tour and play in the Ryder Cup, was the first player to undertake a personal training programme designed to make his body more efficient and capable of producing the moves, forces and speed required without getting injured. Peters success aroused the interest from other players and following on, other world class professional’s began to undertake strength and conditioning programmes designed by Paul.

    3 IMAGES FOR SPS WEBSITE Golfer’s who have utilised Paul’s skills include  Ian Woosnam, Ronan Rafferty, Adam Hunter, Roger Davies and Alison Nicholas. Paul has worked with teams from the English Golf Union with a long spell as elite Physiotherapist assisting with the development of players, current tour players, Ross Fisher, Gary Wolhstenhome, Justin Rose. have all through there England training been exposed to Paul’s programmes and expertise. The Ladies Golf Union appointed Paul to Two Curtis Cup Matches and one Vagliano trophy match to assist the Captain and coaches with player development. Over the last several years Paul has delivered seminars and lectures on a variety of golf topics through the PGA education programme, at conferences in the UK and Europe. Now considered as one of Europe’s leading performance coaches he delivers his skills and experiences to players coaches and parents through seminars, lectures, and one to one sessions.

The establishment of the Health and Harmony Center in the village of Albrighton Nr Wolverhampton, has bought together a number of sports and healthcare specialists to offer a wide range of treatment and rehabilitation issues. Paul is available for consultation and treatment at the center.

WOLVERHAMPTON_WANDERERS_1992_jpg Wolverhampton Wanderers Team Photo August 1998.

       For further information or to contact Paul, please in the first instance email through the contact form on this web site.

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