All exercises are linked below. Please find which exercises you have been given.

These exercises are to support the information arising from your physical profile.

You will have been advised by your instructor of the relevant exercises for you.

PLEASE NOTE:  The exercises and videos contained in this web site are to support the advice and information given at a physical profile and one to one session, please be advised that any exercise you do without a prescription is done so at your own risk. you should always consult a medical professional before undertaking exercise. we at SportsPerformance Solutions and Paul Darby can not be held resonsible for injury caused by carrying out any of this work without prior instruction and guidence. 

To carry out your own physcical profile in the interim period while we are not with you, please fill out a form here> There is also a page where you can view how to profile yourself here>

The Golf Warmup:

Warmup Link>

Video Links:

Video       The POWER Clean>
Video      The Squat Programme (Split Squat and Squat Programme)>
Video     The Lunge Programme>
Video     The Touch Floor Lunge>
Video     The Hamstring Stretch>
Video     The Knee to Chest Stretch>
Video     The Hurdle Stretch>
Video     The Hip Flexor Stretch>
Video     The Pelvic Stretch>

Text and Image Based Links:

001    Exercise Knee to Chest (Video Available Above)>
002    Exercise Straight leg Raise/Hamstring Stretch (Video Available Above)>
003    Exercise Hurdle Stretch (Video Available Above)>
004    Exercise Pelvic Stretch (Video Available Above)>
005    Exercise Hip Flexor Stretch (Video Available Above)>
006    The Standard Bridge exercises>
007    The Standing Gluteal Stretch>
008   Top Leg Raise in Abduction Stretch>
009    Exercise Pigeon Stretch>
010    Exercise Rotator Cuff Stretch>
011     Exercise Sitting Rotation Stretch>
012    Exercise Bent Over Row>
013    Exercise Seated Row>
014    Exercise Sitting Gluteal Stretch>
015    Exercise Above Arm Raise>
016    Exercise Deadlift To Upright Row>
017    Exercise Double Arm Overhead Lift>
018    Exercise Side Plank With Hip Raise>
019    Exercise Side Plank With Leg Raise>
020    Exercise Hip Flexor And Adductor Stretch>
021    Exercise Piston Row>
022    Windmills With Pole Exercise>
023     Exercise Seated Double Arm Raise (Ceiling Raise) With Rotation>
024     Exercise Single Arm Rotations>
025     Exercise Rotator Cuff Stretch With Weights>
026     Exercise Double Arm Rotations>
027     Deep Overhead Squat>
028     The Cat Stretch>
029     Exercise Lying Pelvic Stretch>
030     The Seated Balance>
031      The Half Lying Balance With Leg Extension>
032     The Full Lying Balance>
033     The Calf Stretch>
034     The Achilles Tendon Stretch>
035     The Calf Stretch In Press Up Position>