Sports Conditioning

      Sportsmen and Women  from all over Europe have taken advantage of Paul and his teams conditioning skills.


Following effective profiling, athletes are prescribed personal conditioning programmes with support and follow up  for many sports and conditions.


Swing Efficiency Programme for Golf

      As part of the triple platform training programme players undertake a 15 point physical profile. Results of the profile indicate areas of the players Physiology that require exercise programmes to address the findings. By making the player most efficient on there weak areas and functions that require attention increases the efficiency of the body and therefore improve performance. We link the results of the swing efficiency profile to the technical assessment and produce  a Dynamic Swing Training™ Programme  for the player to follow. Follow up programmes and support ensure the player achieves success.


Physical Profile for CRICKET   

      An extensive muscular skeletal profile identifies the cricketer’s needs for his position within the sport. The extensive assessment of Flexibility, Balance and Control, Mobility and Agility, with Power and Speed production enables the player to develop the physiology necessary to sustain a high level game. Free from repetitive strain or over use injury and conditioned to compete over a season.


Physical Profile for TENNIS  

      The Dynamic nature of the sport with its emphasis on Rotation, Power, Speed and Agility, requires the body to be at its most efficient in order to develop and progress. The muscular skeletal profile identifies the need for intervention in training and conditioning, and the prescribed programmes will ensure the players development.