Deep Tissue Therapy


Here at our centre we utilise a skill form of massage that has been lost in the advent of electronic treatments. Utilising a variety of techniques we are very successful in treating a large number of conditions .We utilise the Deep Tissue Therapy on sports injury’s, postural issues, and the relief of pain and stiffness in almost all conditions.

      By applying deep massage and pressure to precise areas of the body we are very successful in producing results. Treatments are available for a wide range of problems, both as injury treatment, injury prevention, pre and post sport recovery.



 If our deep tissue therapist has given you stretches or exercises to do, please find them HERE.



We have great success in the treatment and management of a number of postural issues. We have considerable sucsess with the treatment and management of Back and Shoulder problems.  For an appointment, assessment or treatment contact us by the email on the contact pages of this website.