Training for Pelvic Stability

      The stability of your mid section of your body is so important in the swing, as it links the movement of the upper body and lower body. 

All good players should test themselves in the area of pelvic and core stability. To do this exercise:



Lying on your back, bend both knees. Raise your pelvis from the floor and hold your body in a straight line. Then slowly straighten one leg.







056The result should be as the pictures. With your pelvis high and when you straighten the leg the pelvis remains level.








057When you do this, and hold for a 10 second period. You should be able to keep the pelvis level and have no tightening or cramping of the legs or low back.




 If you can’t then Do this sequence of lift and hold 10 reps 10 sec hold try and do it three times per week to see an improvement.