Dynamic Balance

Dynamic Balance…


…is the act of balance during movement. It happens unconsciously as part of the body’s auto-response system. In other words, during your golf swing, you don’t have a choice in the matter. Whether you like it or not, your body will strive to keep you in balance…even if it means over-riding your conscious plans for your golf swing. This balance will happen automatically if you are already balanced before starting your golf swing. The problems begin if you are not in balance when you set up to the golf ball. The body will still attempt to re-balance during movement. The act of rebalancing will throw the golf swing off course and create many of the problems golfers see today.Dynamic balance is a key to good sports performance, and is a physiological component of conditioning, the development of Dynamic Balance is done through effective exercise to correct and maintain muscle endurance correcting muscle imbalances and developing the correct levels of strength.